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DAY 4- Outreach Plan.

It's so important to get in front of new people. Many people will get in front of a new audience and start telling them to "Buy My Stuff." That's called spamming and it's a turn off. You have to treat your new audience like dating. You would not want a man to walk up to you and say "Will you marry me?"... The same rules apply, but you wouldn't mind if he walked up and offered to buy you lunch or helped you find your way around the neighborhood if you were lost. This challenge today is key for growing your audience. Without this part of the challenge, you won't know how to find your target audience and how to attract them to your brand!

Press Play to get the breakdown and your Day 4 challenge.


Use #ChickswithCheques during your 5 Day Challenge for feedback and accountability.

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Chicks "Must Haves"

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