Welcome to Chicks with Cheques Global Network
Founded by "The Branding Nurse" Meisha Amia in 2016

Meisha was at a conference for nurses when she discovered the nurses there all lacked self-awareness and identity outside of their nursing profession. They had so many dreams and goals to better themselves but got lost in the service of nursing over the years and just forgot about themselves. Working hard with constant overtime hours, getting money was no issue but it was after the money she noticed many issues.

So here we are now 4 years later, growing fast with over 30k women in our platform. While most are nurses who desire to build their own brand, many our women of other service and working professions. Chicks with Cheques is bringing women and nurses together to connect, discover, build, and grow into the desires of their heart (entrepreneurs, authors, philanthropist, and bloggers).


Our overall mission is to teach women how to get paid to do what they love and to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

We see more women working passionately in their niche, creating generational wealth, and overall better health outcomes and happier lives.

Meisha Amia
Travel Nurse. Author. Branding Strategist.

Is one of the most influential nurse entrepreneurs of her times. She is humbly committed to empowering nurses and rising entrepreneurs to brand their passions to create the life they love. With a virtual reach of more than 20K women, Meisha founded Chicks with Cheques in late 2015. The movement grew into a full network to help women grow in 2016. In 2018, Meisha co-founded The Nurse Power Network. ​

Many people recall Meisha from the PR industry, where she operated as MeMe House of PR based in Atlanta. She helped her clients gain reputable exposure with press and media outlets, while handling event management and red carpet interviews as well. She has been featured in Jezebel magazine, Sheen Magazine and many more for her contribution in PR, branding and women's empowerment. ​

In 2016, Meisha decided it was time to tell her story to inspire others to not live in comfort zones. She shared her personal and professional journey as a Travel Nurse entrepreneur to help others find their way in her book titled, "The Bedside Boss: From Scrubs to Six Figures" ​

Meisha believes everyone should live a life of wealth, purpose and happiness if they commit to self discovery and using their gifts.
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